Devesh Pareek

Monthly Archives: September 2012

there are times when you can

there are times when

you should

there are then times when

you must

and when you don’t

you loose everything you had

the loss is not immediate

 but is felt as you move

you see someone

 fitting your shoes

you feel like you don’t belong

this feeling was kept too prolonged

now you have no place to go to

and no one out there to look for

you miss everyone you know

you wonder the streets

like a ghost

you once was proclaimed host

and now no one cares to post

but what worries you is defying you still

you have lost or you are lost

or are you forgotten

for you are the lost citizen


I shouldn’t say
Nor I need to reply
What my needs are
Or whatever questions are asked
Isolation is what required admist
For certain damages
Are beyond repairs
And yet they prevail
Those thoughts those moments
And a haunted mirror

Is the state of my mind
Often ask people
What am I hiding
And often I reply
I am no secret keeper

dunno what made me write
dunno what reminds me thy
but whenever i feel m out
m dragged deep down

don’t understand
neither define
how m confined
to these lies

i know its not feasble
and i know what its goona be
i had been reasonable all my life
and now m reasoned out
out of my own life

the urge is beckoning
and desire deafening
towards you my every move
and yet m moving away
i hope there is a threshold
here somewhere
and once out
m out for good
won’t blame you
but its
not me either

I would have tried you know
but pain is something
i don’t want for you
it’s something m used to
nothing too loose to…