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Thou for whom
I waited for ages
thou whom I love
more than sages
thou for whom I care
over and above
thou whose charm invented
my poetry
thou in front of whom my resistance narrows
are the one whom
I never told my sorrows
Though her magnificence
sets me on fire
yet she live
is my only desire
far and farther
say we must be
but my heart says
never to be
always have I thought us
soul within
And girl my proposal
is worth listening
I must say or should i repeat
waiting for you
and forever will be..


Something there is

That I want to say

something that i will

never betray

m deciding whether to

tell you or not

for this may bring

an end to the song

I was moving swiftly

in a direction unknown

got hit by something

with a greater force

my direction is set

though still unknown

following something

i know nothing of

i am trying to know

without success

m failing to slowdown myself

i know someday i will

have to tell you this

narrating the sequence

and pacing the phase


believe me, will you??

Odd this might sound 
the way I have been
Feeling awake when
deep asleep

They call it awakening 
I don’t know how
I am too lost
I can’t think now

They say it’s darkest
when dawn is near
I have been here
Longer than I can bear
they ask me to look 
for the light
but I can’t find 
a hole to sight
fear is gripping
me harder than ever
moving my feet 
is taking forever
I feel like 
I am being consumed
by thinking dark
and feeling doomed

they say alot
all of them
But I know better
better than them
waiting for good 
will be no good
for time long
its been my hood
and despite the dark
I can see clearer

to see the light
enlighten within
to awake in time
do dream

They say this is inception
and its me doing it on my mind
creating a illusion
to fit my delusion
the king I thought myself once
lost his kingdom
back in battle I can’t remember
And so they ask 
are you sane?
and I ask what is sanity
go to work, come back and sleep
talk to no one and that would be..
I say is this the life 
i dreamt to live
So I continued
sane or insane 
I won’t fit in
the box you have sent
its just too small
my body alone fits too tight
my soul and mind left behind
Inception they say it is
And I say it maybe…

Words i often wonder

are more than mere words

they convey what we feel

they tell what we mean


words i often wonder

are louder than thunder

they can heal a broken heart

or blow the pieces apart


Words i often wonder

when start making sense 

intigrue more than mind

and talk right to soul


Words i often wonder

when said with some pain

are heavier than stormy rains

they will fill your heart with sorrow

and make it way too narrow

but words when used with light

will fill you with delight


Words i often wonder

do wonders in our life

so be righteous while chosing

for right is sometimes wrong

so hold them while you can

cause saying is all it takes

to loose all at stake


Words i often wonder

Words i often wonder 

I don’t know what i am upto

but i want to keep up

I don’t know where i will be

if i continue on this road

It’s fun not knowing 

sometimes i  must say

As i am enjoying here

even while shifting gears


I am not proposing a theory

for your consideration

Its just a safe house

when house is no longer safe

When i am vulnerable 

When i am feeling brittle

I dare not allow

Even the touch of feather


I try to hold my breath

hoping to feel lighter

I  end up suffocating

And i open up my eyes

..I open up my eyes

there are times when you can

there are times when

you should

there are then times when

you must

and when you don’t

you loose everything you had

the loss is not immediate

 but is felt as you move

you see someone

 fitting your shoes

you feel like you don’t belong

this feeling was kept too prolonged

now you have no place to go to

and no one out there to look for

you miss everyone you know

you wonder the streets

like a ghost

you once was proclaimed host

and now no one cares to post

but what worries you is defying you still

you have lost or you are lost

or are you forgotten

for you are the lost citizen